Quadrifoglio is distinguished by the high technological capacity of its production departments: in fact, it is able to use multiple processes for the processing of precious metals according to the type of result to be obtained in terms of weight, finish, porosity and to meet any requests for customized products from the customer. This valuable capability, the result of constant investment in technology and development, allows Quadrifoglio to collaborate with leading goldsmith companies nationally and internationally. Depending on the weight and finish desired, we are able to produce components and finished products made using the precious metal processing techniques described below.

Gold processing with CNC machines

CNC machines are programmable and using them we are able to customize all kinds of production.

3D design and prototyping

The in-house technical department is responsible for the design of the jewelry or semi-finished product required, the machinery needed to develop it, and the control stages to achieve the output desired by the customer.

Traditional processing

Quadrifoglio is distinguished by its traditional processing, which includes tube machining, stamping, and coining.