Quadrifoglio supports the daily work for the children of Meyer Children’s Hospital.

Also in 2021, we made a donation towards the hospital by giving very important support for the HOSPITAL’S FIRST NEEDS.

Choosing Quadrifoglio as a partner means we share our corporate vision.

There are many reasons why people choose to donate to the hospital. There are those who have had a lived experience, with its cargo of hope, suffering, expectation and gratitude. There are those who donate because watching their child, grandchild or a toddler play carefree, they can’t bear the idea that illness can affect childhood: that’s why they want to help provide the best possible care for our little

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We strongly believe in scientific research and the possibility of defeating diseases through the dedication of researchers. We donate so that beauty, caring environments and quality of care are present in the hospital, thus alleviating the burden of negative emotions and stress related to hospitalization.
This prompted us to become part of the Meyer family.

Ours translates into daily commitment by caregivers to children and adolescents who too soon face illness and hospitalization.

Doctors, nurses, hospice professionals and every worker at the Hospital work within a vision: to be able to offer the best pediatric, medical and surgical care along with a special medicine, that of being able to remain a child, despite illness.
With our gift we are already enabling the Meyer Foundation to carry out important projects, to perfect them and make them grow.


Donations are used for:

  • Researchers, for their studies aimed at identifying new possibilities for treatment and early diagnosis of serious, often complex and rare diseases.
  • Upgrade and maintain the high technological standard of our laboratory equipment and instrumentation.
  • Ensuring the presence of the Ludobiblio, pet therapy, music and clowns in the ward and all play therapy activities.
  • Making Meyer “child-friendly,” with colorful and welcoming furniture and waiting areas, with details such as interactive monitors and a green park that is always manicured.
  • Allowing hospitalized children to have parents and siblings close by accommodating through a network for families in need, especially those from afar.
  • Growing the hospital, through the expansion of the M+ project, with the construction of the Health Park, Meyer Health Campus and Anna Meyer Family Center.

We stand by the Meyer Foundation, you also help their little patients.

Thank you!