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Simply Woman 2023: Award for Determination and Memory of Tina Montinaro

We are excited to share with you a brief but heartfelt thank you for your participation in the 2023 edition of the Semplicemente Donna Award at the Spina Theater in Castiglion Fiorentino.

The Association awarded Tina Montinaro, wife of Antonio Montinaro head of Giovanni Falcone’s escort who died during the Capaci massacre defending the Italian state.
Tina’s story specifically does not represent violence against women , but the figure of the woman who with tenacity and enthusiasm has committed herself to spreading among young people the culture of memory of those who, for the State and in the name of the State sacrificed their lives.

Simply Woman 2023 celebrates not only female excellence, but also the strength, resilience and dedication of extraordinary women like Ms. Montinaro. Her commitment to spreading the culture of memory represents a beacon of hope for a future in which new generations can fully understand and appreciate the sacrifice of those who gave everything for the common good.

Dear Manuela,

with only a few days to go before the award ceremony of the 11th edition of the Simply Woman International Prize, please receive our formal and dutiful thanks for your support and cooperation.

We would also like to thank you for your attention to the event and your presence at the awards evening.

Thank you for your closeness and to the demonstrations of esteem, closeness and appreciation for us.

There is no doubt that the effort put in and the months of intense activity dedicated to the organization of such a complex and delicate event, require demonstrations of support and sharing and much, much work.

Indeed, this allows us to continue with enthusiasm in our project of communicating and disseminating stories of Women who have suffered violence of power, who have risked their lives to safeguard their rights and Women who daily know how to claim their character of completeness, determination and stubbornness.

Women who have left their mark with their sometimes gruesome, painful life stories, but also stories of redemption and determination, women engaged on multiple fronts and in different worlds and situations but all accumulated by the desire for respect, peace, sharing, integration and equal rights.

Significant was the collaboration, sharing and willingness of the awardees in agreeing to meet with the students to bring their important testimony, which we are sure will have left a tangible and indelible mark on them, because we know very well that young people need to touch and look into the eyes of those who have experienced firsthand significant life stories that have a high social and teaching value.

As soon as it is ready, we will be sure to bring you all the material collected, photos, videos, promotional materials made and press review.

In the meantime, we attach some souvenir photos of the award ceremonies. Thanking you again, we send you our warmest regards

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